Students have performed with very high standards to receive A+ results from Preliminary to passing their Licentiate Diploma.


Successfully guided students to receive their Full Music Scholarships to Prestigious Private Schools.


Trained students to become Championship and place winners in a range of local eisteddfods and competitions.



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Full Music Scholarship Pymble Ladies College
Associaite Diploma (AMusA) with Distinction - Violin

Starting her first lessons with Steven, Alana has significantly matured as a promising young violinist. After she had spent some time learning piano, Alana picked up her first ¼ violin and began playing her first tunes. Over a few years, Alana passed her 1st - 6th-grade exams all with A+ (High Distinction). With these promising results, they worked together to prepare a special programme of roughly AMus level pieces for Music Scholarship audition, where she was successful in receiving a Full  Scholarship to the prestigious Pymble Ladies College (PLC). Steven is proud that Alana was admitted into the Rising Stars program where she continued her violin studies with renown pedagogue Alice Waten. Alana later achieved her AMus with Distinction, won opportunities to perform solo at Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House, participated in International Violin Competitions, Chamber Music Festivals and even attended summer schools in America. Wishing Alana all the best!


"Steven is Alana's first violin teacher and he has been really helping Alana shape her musicality with technique work and working on pieces that she really enjoy. Steven is always patient, supportive, energetic and with a sense of humour.  Steven has a wonderful passion for both playing and teaching. He is also multi talented in piano, violin and music theory."

Alana's Mother.

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Full Music Scholarship Ravenswood School for Girls
Associate Diploma (AMusA) - Piano

Mary studied with Steven and gained much momentum in her musical learning, achieving many milestones and culminating with her receiving two full music scholarship offers to two very prestigious private schools, Ravenswood and Wenona School. She is now a full music scholar at Ravenswood School for Girls. During her studies with Steven, she was of a roughly Grade 3 violin standard and Grade 7 piano standard. She moved on to achieve:

Violin Grade 5 – A +

Piano CMus – A+

Piano AMus

AMEB Theory Grade 5 – Honours

AMEB Theory Grade 4 – Honours

She was also very successful in Eisteddfods, winning championships and place positions for Sydney, Ryde, St George, Penrith, Hawkesbury Eisteddfods to list a few. For her Scholarship audition, we prepared roughly AMus violin repertoire and LMus piano repertoire, and she was very successful in her application. Well Done Mary.


"Steven has been a significant part of my musical journey, teaching me with passion, skill and rigour. He has always been very helpful and hardworking, even outside of lessons, often providing further feedback and resources. Also, he has helped me improve my performance skills as well as furthering my appreciation for music in general."

Mary Ma


Full Music Scholarship Knox Grammar School
Associate (AMusA) and Licentiate (LMusA) Diplomas with Distinction - Piano

Young Owen started the violin from scratch with Steven when he was 9, after having already learnt piano, With a very good ear and great finger facility, Owen worked hard to grasp the technical nature of the violin, progressing very quickly and steadily. Within 2 years, Owen attended and won violin sections at local eisteddfods, achieved his CMus for violin as well as prepared an AMusA program for his Music Scholarship Audition. Along with preparing pieces on the piano, Owen was awarded a Full Music Scholarship to Knox Grammar. Owen excels in solo performances, having performed in venues such as the Sydney Opera House. At Knox, Owen has been a section leader in his schools’ string ensemble and orchestra whilst carrying out other musical duties as a Music Scholar. Steven also mentored Owen in General Knowledge and Musicianship Grade 6 which helped him attain his Licentiate Diploma with Distinction on the Piano.


Starting a new instrument isn’t easy; however, with the right teacher, they can alter the experiences from being difficult and boring to fun and exciting. Steven executes the fun aspect of learning exceptionally well, and I feel I wouldn’t have progressed as fast musically, and become the Music Scholar I am today without him. Thank you, Steven!

Owen Jiang

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Bachelor of Music/Engineering
Associate (AMusA) and Licentiate (LCBE) Diplomas - Piano

Having moved onto Stevens tutelage to prepare for his Grade 8 Piano exam, Jason has matured musically and developed a deep passion for music, where he is now studying a Bachelor of Music/Engineering at UNSW to further his musical studies. Steven also aided in Jason’s IB music studies in performance, composition and musicology. During his studies with Steven. Jason completed his:

  • AMEB Comprehensive Grade 8 – A+

  • AMEB Musicianship Grade 6 – HD

  • AMEB Piano AMus – Pass

  • CBE Piano LCBE (Licentiate) – Pass with Distinction

Jason has also participated and won prizes in many local eisteddfods, a highlight being a finalist and cash prize winner of Ryde’s Mozart Society section. Jason is also an avid violist where he commonly performs in chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras.


"The time spent under Steven's tutelage revitalised my love for piano and music in ways I could never have imagined. It sounds almost too idealistic or even fabricated, but the combination of his skilled teaching, empathetic personality, and moreover, passion for music makes for lessons in which one can both learn and enjoy. Prior to being his student, I was taught with very traditional methods from a very traditional teacher, which, despite achieving good results, began to disengage me from the motivation in which I originally had for piano. Transferring to Steven through a teaching school, the teacher-student interactions were immediately more inviting, and as time passed, so was the educational style. His mix of both traditional and modern techniques in the lessons create a tailored learning experience for his students, allowing arising challenges to be dealt with through focused techniques. Being his student not only granted a new perspective on my previous experiences, but opened new doors into music, and expanded my knowledge of musicology, all of which I still carry with me today."

Jason Kong

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Associate (AMusA, ACBE) and Licentiate (LMusA) Diplomas - Piano

Nixon came to Steven after completing his 7th Grade Piano exam with a B+. He is a very musical student and had vast potential to further his abilities. With much dedication to technique, tone and style, Nixon quickly developed a deep passion for Piano and went on to achieve amazing feats:

AMEB 8th Grade – A


AMEB AMusA – Pass

CBE ACBE - Pass with Distinction

AMEB LMusA – Pass

AMEB Musicianship 6th Grade - HD

He also participated in a multitude of local Eisteddfods, winning many championships and cash prizes from Sydney, Ryde, St George, Hawkesbury and Sutherland eisteddfods. He has also involved himself with a Music Theatre group where he regularly performs in the orchestral for musical productions. This year Nixon is preparing for his Music 2 and Extension work for High School. 


"Steven is a dedicated and passionate teacher who has been the light that has helped guide me through this amazing musical journey. Even if they were challenging, steep mountains to pass through, he would encourage and push me to my limits to overcome these hurdles. Along the way, he has given me more insightful knowledge in musicology and improved my performance and compositional skills."

Nixon Huynh

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Associate (AMusA) and Licentiate (LMusA) Diplomas - Violin

After completing her 7th Grade with another teacher, Winny was introduced to Steven from another teacher. She is a very bright girl who was extremely organised, dedicated to her work and always took on board the teacher's advice and suggestions. Winny produced outstanding results during her time learning with Steven:

AMEB Violin CMus A+

AMEB Violin AMus Pass

AMEB Violin LMus Pass

AMEB Musicianship 6th Grade - Distinction

AMEB Piano CMus A+

After her AMEB diploma work, Winny continued focused her energy on her IB Music Exams. Well Done Winny!


"Steven has undoubtedly been integral to my music education. I loved lessons with him that were full of learning but through a fun way. His adaptable and effective teaching styles allowed me to discover how to convey stories through music, charged with emotional power. Without Steven, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve so many things!"

Winny Tsai

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Associate Diploma (AMusA) - Violin
Accelerated HSC Music 2

Having come to Steven from a grade 4 standard, Sathmi had lots of fixing to do in her violin playing to ensure a smooth development in technique, tone and stylistic understanding. Steven worked with her to cover many aspects of violin playing and also planned for her to attend local eisteddfods and have opportunities to perform on stage to further her performance ability. With time, her exam results improved steadily as did her skills:

2014: Grade 5 – B
2015: Grade 6 – B+
2017: Grade 8 – A
2018: AMus – Pass

Sathmi also became a prize winner in local eisteddfods, and also won prizes at student concerts. Now, Sathmi is an accelerated Music 2 student, tackling on LMus repertoire and preparing for her HSC course.


Steven is a very talented, experienced and passionate violinist and an incredible violin teacher. My daughter Sathmi has been working with him ever since Grade 4, and has enjoyed every minute of her lessons. Sathmi especially appreciates his friendly teaching approach.
Steven is a teacher with very high standards and always pushes Sathmi to achieve her absolute best, setting challenging goals and focusing on the smallest of details. His patient and encouraging teaching style has fostered Sathmi’s love for music and transformed her playing to something very enjoyable and rewarding. With his guidance, Sathmi’s skill with the violin has steadily improved, encouraging her to commit to regular practice and win several awards in annual Eisteddford competitions.
Sathmi successfully completed the AMEB AMusA under Steven’s tutelage, and is now preparing for the HSC Accelerated Music course. His excellent teaching has allowed our daughter to develop her skills and confidence as a musician. We are extremely lucky to have Steven as her violin teacher.

Sathmi's Mother

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Bachelor of Medicine/Doctor of Medicine
Associate Diploma (AMusA) - Piano

Lin began her studies with Steven after unfortunately failing her previous Grade 7 Piano exam. Upon diligent work to improve technical ability and motivation towards the piano, Lin pulled through to complete her:

8th Grade Piano – B

Certificate of Performance (CMus) – A

Associate Dipoma (AMusA) – Pass

Grade 5 Theory – Honours

After the completion of her HSC, Lin began her studies at UNSW, studying her Bachelor of Medicine and Doctor of Medicine (BMed/MD). All the best for a fulfilling career ahead Lin!


I transferred to Steven after failing my 7th grade piano exam under a teacher I previously had had much success with up till then. My previous teacher was much older and although taught good technique and musicality, I lost a lot of passion for music and piano. After deciding to change teachers rather than give up after failing my 7th grade exam, I’m immensely grateful to Steven for helping me realise that I was actually capable of producing music and that I wouldn’t be a failure at it forever. I also wasn’t forced to be stuck to one program and was given the freedom to make choices on what music I wanted to play.

The dedication Steven has towards his students as well as music and the skills he has taught me through piano such as discipline and individuality helped carry me through HSC and beyond into university. Although I don’t pursue music as a career and haven’t chosen to further study music, it has remained a large part of my life, helping me relax and has given me an outlet for my creativity.

Lin Yang


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